Seventh Moon

Seventh Moon


Running Time:90 minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Shaky blurry moon demons chase Amy Smart through rural China.

Ok, lets put a white girl, a Chinese American, in Rural China at night and shake the camera a bunch and make it so you can't see much of anything for an hour and a half.  This is Seventh Moon.  A new American horror movie based in China that is not like all those other Asian horror movies. Well not really, there is still some old traditional scary monster thingy chasing an American girl. 

I was excited about this one, I like Amy Smart, and I am more of the main stream type of horror guy and this movie felt like one of those.  Which I still think it is probably more of that mainstream horror, the movie still has to be good and well Seventh Moon was all right at best.  The story was forced, the people in the movie were not too likeable, or you really didn't care about them, and you were not too sure what was going on at first.  You eventaully got what was going on, but the time leading up to that, didn't really scare or impress, and by the time we got there, I didn't care too much anymore. 

The other problem with this movie was it was blurry, shakey cam, hard to see through a bunch of grass or super low light and so most of the movie relies on this thing of not being able to see and not an actual scary movie to scare you.  There were some scary jumpy parts that made me jump and they wored, but it was few and far between and not really that well executed, more like cheap thrills compared to quality fear.  In the end one of the movies I was most excited about at Fantastic Fest, I didn't think was that great, and I really would not reccomend it for rental or theater viewing.  

2 Stars 

  • Kayla

    A horrible movie dont waste your time!!!

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