Rated: R

Running Time: 101 minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: Pair of Boobs

One Sentence: Bill Maher asks questions about religion. 

I don't even know if this is a documentary.  It has very little story, about anyone specific, maybe Jesus if you count him, but it isn't about him.  It is a movie where Bill Maher walks around the world, asking random people what they believe about religion and more fantastic claims of the bible.  Jonah, Jesus, other religions having similar stories as Jesus 1000 years before Jesus was written about.  ETC ETC. 

I personally like Bill Maher and what he has to say about Religion I agree with.  So I was excited to see this movie, not really knowing what it was about.  I had a general idea, and it was pretty much as described.  However what I didn't expect was the kid gloves, he handles most people with.  He is generally not asking questions to question thier faith or to disagree, he is asking more what they believe and why and how do they believe these things.  The answers sometimes are good, but most of the time are run of the mill, and everything we have heard all before.  The movie in general doesn't seem to provide anything more than a wrapped up point of view of a lot of different people's ideas about religion, with a bit of humor behind it.  

The movie ends up being too slow, and not funny enough or filled with enough point of view of anyone to make very many valid points.  I feel the only part where they made a point was the last 15 minutes and it feels like he has said that many times before on his shows.  We could have done without the rest and saved a lot of time.  The answers and questions were not anything that makes you want to say this movie must be seen.  You can just keep watching his show, and eventually everything in here will get said by someone else some other time, without a resoution either.  So I would skip it. 

3 Stars 

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