Body Of Lies

Body Of Lies Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 128 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Free reign C.I.A. is kind of scary. 

Body Of Lies is a much bigger grander story than what the trailer made it seem to be.  It spans many countries, mostly in the Middle East, deals with terrorism and leaders of terrorism and the C.I.A.  I just didn't get that from the trailers at all.  I actually thought this was a cop movie.  Maybe I missed it, but I was really caught off guard with what this movie was about, and I am really glad I was.  

Body Of Lies deals with 2 C.I.A. spys one in the US and one in the Middle East trying to find a high ranking terrorist leader.  Which sounds sort of standard fare, however this movie is anything but standard fare.  The movie feels real, dangerous, scary, and gives you what feels like a real glimpse into what the C.I.A. does over there when they have to have things done.  The movie gives a chilling view of the power of these agents, and the ends they will go to, to get things done.  It also shows maybe what life is like in this new world we currently live, that few have shown so well. 

Leonardo is great in this movie as the agent in the Middle East.  He is gritty raw and real.  Crowe backs him up on the American side as another perfect player.  American, political and shady without seeming so, makes this movie deliever even more reality.  I think Ridley Scott really got everyone to play thier parts amazingly well and to really show as best he could a real look at what is happening over there.  I really liked this movie, and think that you probably want to go see it in the theater.  

4 Stars 

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