Sex And Death 101

Sex And Death 101 Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 100 Minutes

Year: 2007

Nudity: 4 Pairs of boobs

One Sentence: A confused story about sex and death that kind of misses the mark on both. 

So this movie was at Fantastic Fest 2007 and I just could not get around to seeing it.  It finally popped up on my queue and has been sitting in the theater, waiting for me to watch it for about a month.  Well I finally got around to it last night, and well I guess I wished I let it sit in the theater for a lot longer. 

Sex And Death 101 is one of those quarky indie films with a look at life that is slightly bizarre, and has a point somewhere in there.  Or at least I think the filmmakes think it had a point.  They throw in any actors they can get, Winona Ryder, Simon Baker and Patton Oswalt, and try to make the movie mean something.  Sex and Death 101 tries to do this, and make it work, but there is too much going on at once that you really are left feeling like you are not sure that any of the points they tried to make were understood. 

The movie itself is a weird, dark comedy, that isn't funny, sometimes is creepy and at times, maybe even a little sexy.  However the sexy is not enough for you to sit through the rest of this trainwreck of a movie.  It has a lot going on.  It deals with a murderess, a super machine that knows the future sort of, a ladies man,  and just all this stuff, that makes you go "Huh?"  more than you go "ooh."  It is now out of DVD, but I really can not reccomend this one.  I just did not like it.  I say skip it. 

2 Stars 

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