Quantum Of Solace

Quantum Of Solace Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 106 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Is this a 007 movie?

Last night Thunderball came on Spike TV.  This is a Sean Connery James Bond movie made in 1965, in the first scene James Bond punches a man dressed in a woman's dress and veil, you do not konw it is a man until after the fight.  This was awesome.  This is what James Bond was about.  I know it is a new age, and maybe we should not be reflecting to the past, but there are things that people loved about things from the past that can be improved upon without killing the original feel.  Quantum Of Solace killed all of that old feel.  

No Q, no fancy gadgets, No Moneypenny, no new super car, and the biggest disappointment was the villan was just a man.  He didn't have diamonds in his face, he didn't walk with a limp or have a slave yeti bodyguard or anything crazy.  He was just a greasy, sniveling little man who was unimpressive and seemed like a lame match against James Bond.  This movie was nothing more than a Borne movie, or some action movie about Spy's.  It was a just an empty shell of the old bond movies.  Casino Royale was also less like a bond movie, but still had some elements of the old movies, and was good enough to not notice as much.  Quantum Of Solace was not good enough to not notice. 

I am not sure what the big deal was with this movie for British Secret Service to care.  There didn't seem to be a real threat that you should send James Bond after.  I thought the story was scattered, the threat was weak, the villan was even more weak, and there just did not seem to be much to care about or enjoy.  It was a big budget action movie.  I just felt like this movie was a failure almost completly.  I have no reason for me to say to anyone, you should go see this movie.  There is nothing there for the Bond fan, and it's not good enough as a stand alone action movie for non-Bond fans to care.

2 Stars

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