Dorm Daze

Dorm Daze Poster

Rated: UR

Running Time: 96 Minutes

Year: 2003

Nudity: 2 Pairs of boobs.

One Sentence: Far better than I could have ever expected, a great comedy play on screen.

This movie was on the recommend list on netflix, it was in my watch it now queue and I was trying out my new Xbox360 intergration.  I picked this movie as I didn't want to think too much and it was short.  The netflix/Xbox streaming worked great and I got to see a far better movie than I was ever expecting.  Especially if you like plays that they make into movies, think, Noises Off or Clue.  Both of those movies come highly recommended as well if you have never seen them.  I was in Drama and loved one act comedy plays, they were fast paced, silly, and always had the sharpest wit.  I love rapid fire jokes and dialogue that you might miss if you don't pay attention.  Much to my surprise Dorm Daze is just this type of movie.

This is not your normal, College teen sex comedy.  Actually there is very little sex in this movie at all.  So of course the poster above is to get you to rent or buy the movie.  Dorm Daze is a comedy of error's style movie that combines a lot of students in a co-ed dorm and all types of hyjinx ensue.  There is a hooker, a foregin exchange student, a gay guy, a bad mobster guy, gossipy girls, a love intrest, and all types of he/said she said misunderstandings that are very well put together and really make for a very well done comedy.  Now I am not saying this movie is the best thing ever made but it is far better than I was expecting and I find these types of movies to be so rare that I am going to say if you like these types of movies you might want to rent this one. 

The cast is not really anything to write home about, except for a couple of poeple.  Topanga from Boy Meet World is one of the two gossipy girls, running around in a short skirt being dingbatty and a bitch.  She does the part well and it's fun to see her doing something.  It wasn't amazing but it was fun.  But the other part that is pretty fun was Patrick Renna.  You might not know the name, but he was the fat kid from The Sandlot.  He has lost weight and was a total dick in the movie.  It was very cool to see him acting.  So don't let the horrible poster fool you, this comedy delivers a lot of laughs in a nice little package that I am happy to recommend to you all. 

4 Stars 

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