Frost/Nixon Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 122 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: It was like a trimmed down more dramatic version of the actual interview. 

I was born in 1977, so Nixon to me is mostly a history lesson.  I understand what happened, I understand that people were upset, and that this was a big deal.  However my point of view on it is that of something that happened in the past, and while I might find what happened interesting, it will never have the feeling and power compared to those that lived through it.  

Frost/Nixon is a story about a British TV host who decides to interview Richard Nixon after he resigned from office.  The story leads up to the interview and then the high points of the interview.  The movie is directed by Ron Howard and is nothing outside of these things.  It is a powerful dialog movie that seems to show with good detail the events that led up to this interview and the people involved.  I really have very little to say here, if you enjoy history then you will like this movie.  It has meaning, provides a good representation of what happened, even if it is not 100% accurate, and makes for a good movie.  Even for those that wen't born till after 1977. 

This is an Oscar focused movie that I think can do well with some nominations, but really doesn't have the power in story, acting or any other parts to bring the statues home.  This does not dimish the quality of the movie however, which I think for anyone that is interested in history, this is a solid renter.   You do not need to go to the theater to see it, as there is nothing that requires you to pay 20 bucks or that you must see it as soon as possible, but keep an eye out for it.   It's a good one. 

4 Stars 


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