The Machine Girl

The Machine Girl Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 96 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: The poster is way cooler than the movie. 

The Machine Girl was another movie from Fantastic Fest 2008 that I did not make it to.  Too many movies, too little time.  So I added this one to my netflix queue, and has been sitting at home for a long time.  Finally I had some time to check it out, and I have to say that I am glad I did not waste my time with this one during Fantastic Fest.  Compared to everything else I saw at Fantastic Fest this movie was a far lower quality, and really in my opinion not worthy of being at Fantastic Fest, and I was amazed that everything I saw was so good there.  

I thought low budget basement level D, gore movies were an American invention, and that this type of release would never make it out of Japan.  I thought the Japanese did it up right when it came to their gore, I guess they have to have a starting off point as well.  That is what The Machine Girl is, someone's student film that somehow got shipped to America.  It had some good things you come to expect from a Japenese gore movie, but failed in a lot of other places to make it very good. 

It felt like teens and early adults making a silly movie about a girl who loses her arm and then attaches a gun to it.  All the actors, even the parents looked very young and the whole movie just felt like it was unpolished and was someones drunk idea.  They script, acting, and characters were not very good, the whole thing mostly came to a boring movie with a bunch of spraying blood everywhere.  They didn't even really push the limits on this and just had things chopped off, nothing really crazy.  I was expecting a lot more craziness or gore or something, but it was just too lackluster to reccomend or say was very good.  I would skip it, as there are far better Japenese crazy movies to check out.  

2 Stars 

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