War, Inc.

War, Inc. Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 107 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Why does satire always have to be so satrical. 

I get satire, I get it, I get what it is saying, I get what it is trying to do, and overall I enjoy it, but sometimes, it is just too much to handle.  War, Inc. is one of those movies, where I was getting into it, liking it, wanting to see more, laughing and enjoying the satire, then it just keep on keeping on, with it's witty banter, and it's weak plotline and it's satire oozing all over the place and what I thought for the first 30 minutes was going to be a good movie ended up just making me feel worn out by the end of it. 

John and Joan Cusack are in this movie and both deliver wonderful characters even with the chopped up script and left out scenes.  The movie jumps right in, with very little background and plunges right into the satire.  I think the movie is suposed to be obvious with what is going on, so they assume they do not have to explain anything, and I guess in a small way this is true, but there is a total lack of character depth, with these great characters.  So much so that in the end we don't care what happens to them, so while I liked this person, as a cartoon character delivering lines to me, I don't care if he picks up the stick of dynamite, becuase he is not real anyway.  This is what the whole movie felt like. 

While I can enjoy cartoons, you have to really think about them if you are going to deliver longer than 22 minutes.  So this live action satrical cartoon goes on for way too long and has way too little in it for me to say that you should go out and see this movie.  I can't vouch for the plot, humor, or anything else really except for a couple of good scenes with John Casack, but we have seen that all before and just because he is in a different place with a different name, doesn't mean that anything else is really different, so I don't think you need to see this movie just for John.  With nothing really to see, I think it is pretty obvious that you should skip this one. 

2 Stars 

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