Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 97 Minutes

Year: 2009

Nudity: 3 pairs of boobs.

One Sentence: If you are going to make a reboot, then maybe you should make it a little different. 

I am a Freddy Kruger fan, I always found Jason to be faceless, emotionless and not the type of killer to get behind.  I have seen all the movies, I just never thought they were that good and a very weak second or perhaps even third place to other slasher films from the past 30 years.  So I was going to go into the remake with an open heart and mind.  Could he win me over, maybe this remake will be better than the Nightmare remake, and all kinds of other questions in my head.  

Friday the 13th the remake is an exact copy of the last 9 Friday the 13th movies, not counting Jason X or FvJ, but I could bunch FvJ in here as well.  Douchebag guys, mildly hot slutty naked girls, woods, dumbasses, death.  No fancy new kills, no fancy new Jason, no fancy new storyline, no nothing.  This movie is Part 1, 2, of the original, repackaged with a shinier wrapper, with the same crappy killer inside.  If you are going to spend the 20 million on a remake, shouldn't you make something new.  Otherwise people are just going to rent the old ones. 

I have no reason at all for you to see this movie, if you are a fan, then I guess you will like this movie, becuase they didn't fuck anything up.  So I guess that is it.  They have figured out the remake, don't make it worse, just make it exactly the same and at least you won't have people saying it destroyed the original.  I would say skip it.  

2 Stars 

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