Watchmen Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 160 Minutes

Year: 2009

Nudity: Sex, Boobs and Glowing Blue Penis

One Sentence: Worth the almost 3 hours. 

As I have stated before I have never read comic books, or graphic novels, so I have never read Watchmen.  There is a copy of it in my house right now and I actually read chapter 1 last night after seeing this movie, but in regards to this review, I have never read, nor care that there was a book created in 1985 that this movie was based on.  This review is for all the people just going to see a movie that they thought looked awesome.  

Watchmen is a gritty story about the life of "super heroes" in a alternate reality of 1985.  While the movie has super heroes in it, it falls under the same category as The Dark Knight, which is a wonderful drama that happened to have super heroes in it, and not a super hero movie.  The movie is big, grand, and has a lot of story to tell, but gives you almost 3 hours of content to fill that story, and at no time did it feel long or that the time was wasted telling the story.  The 3 hour story, is excellent.  

This is an amazing story of humanity, war, love, loss, aging, and murder acted by characters in funny outfits who most people will have never heard of and it is excellent.  Watchmen is the type of movie that doesn't treat the super hero as anything super, but instead looks at the man or woman and the world around them at which they can effect and alter, and shows the concequences of those lives.  It winds so much together in a way that makes sense, it doesn't leave you confused or reeling from too much information and you are entertained through this storytelling process.  Watchmen I think will work for almost anyone and is not exclusive to the nerd or comic book crowd and is an excellent movie.  So if you have the 3 hours, I would check it out this weekend. 

5 Stars 

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