Quarantine Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 89 Minutes

Year: 2008

Nudity: None 

One Sentence: A whole lot scarier than anything else from 2008. 

First person camera view movie.  This creates a level of immersion and feeling of reality that seems to trump all others in horror movies.  It works on me, at least for now, instead of us watching a movie, we are watching real footage.  It is real, and it happened to these people, these poor people stuck in this place and it is scary.  This is the feeling I was having watching Quarantine, and I thought it was excellent, scared the crap out of me but excellent. 

What impresses me most about these types of movies is this like immersive first person view of something that is created beforehand to work so perfectly.  Minimal cuts, and long tracking shots that lead to some thing occuring make the movie even more chilling.  These scenes with bad lighting, and blood and death and anmials and it's all happeneing in one shot and just looks so real and how could this have been made up, makes the movie jump to really scary, and not silly movie scary. 

Quarantine does these shots especially well.  The simple yet plausable story, and these amazingly scary scenes that build from nothing make this the scaresit movie I have seen in a while, and I think probably for 2008.  So if you are into horror I would defantaly check out this one, I didn't want to go into any dark rooms last night after watching and that is a good sign of a really scary movie. 

4 Stars 

  • Tony

    Tis movie s SUCKED!! I thought i was buying a scary movie not a stupid movie, the camera was all over the place and the second zombie girl was acting like a monkey! Jumping all over the place! Then the camera guy smacked her in the face with a camera? What was up with that? Barney is scarrier than this!

  • Biz

    Excellent Horror movie! Very claustrophobic and atmospheric. Although the Quarantine is identical remake-copy of Spanish Rec, it is still very good.

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