I Love You, Man

I Love You Man Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 104 Minutes

Year: 2009

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Not the comedy you were made to think you were going to see. 

Stop fucking lying to me about movies, it makes me upset, dislike the movie, and for damn sure give it a worse rating.  Don't run a clip on TV that highlights the fact that the movie is rated R and pushes the envelope of comedy, and the R rating as I had seen on TV all this week.  Then give me I Love You, Man, which probably is an ok movie if I wasn't fucking lied to about it.  New rule.  You lie to me about a movie and you get at least 1 star lower and maybe 2.  We should not get lies and deception with our movies, our money is tight enough to not have to deal with lying fucks in marketing departments. 

So I Love You, Man is a fucking romantic comedy date movie that causes your girlfriend to ask relationship questions after the movie, it is not a Paul Rudd comedy about dudes.  It in no way pushes the rated R envelope and in no way pushes the envelope of comedy either.  It is mildly funny and has some parts where I did laugh out loud, it is nothing compared to all other movies that this movie is acting like it should compare itself too, and clearly does not cut it.  

What it really is, is a romantic comedy that has a wedding in it.  Most of the movie is about relationships of one kind or another, and is far more about love and relationships than about the stuff they are showing in the previews.  I am so mad about the marketing that I am not recommending this movie at all, I will say that it is an all right maybe renter, but because I am the one having to tell you it is a lie, I am also the one telling you not to give these assholes your money.  It would have gotten a 3, but it gets a 2

2 Stars.  

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