Sunshine Cleaning

Sunshine Cleaning Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 102 Minutes

Year: 2009

Nudity: None

One Sentence: This year's no one will stop talking about this damn movie. 

I love Amy Adams, she is a wonderful actress, very cute, and is very much a normal everyday girl in her roles, even as Princess Giselle.  I didn't even know she was in Sunshine Cleaning, which I knew very little about before going to see.  However she has again proven herself a wonderful actress and makes a movie a little brighter when she is in it.  She was perfect for Sunshine Cleaning.  Put next to Emily Blunt, they both delivered amazing roles and made for an amazing family drama that is going to be talked about all summer long. 

I really hate the buzz these types of movies create, but I have seen the movie very early, which has filtered me from hearing about the buzz seeing it a month early, it let me go into this movie with no clue what it was about and no hype.  It allowed me to enjoy the movie without the taint of everything else that this movie will bring upon itself.  Enjoy I did.  The movie is a funny, simply cute little story, about a family and really makes you want to know the story and find out what will happen next.  Looks like I am part of the buzz generating machine this time.

The movie has an feeling of darkness throughout and makes you feel like you are right on the edge with this family the whole time, waiting for the next shoe to drop and it makes not only the story more intriguing, but you feel more invested in the story youself.  It is masterful in making you want to be part of this story, even though it's just a tiny little story, and that is why I liked it so much.  It made even the simplest of things very amazing.  Go see it in the theater. 

4 Stars 

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