Fast & Furious

Fast & Furious Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 107 Minutes

Year: 2009

Nudity: None

One Sentence: New model, original bad acting.

I have now seen all 4 of these movies, all by choice, and all have been in their own right, entertaining in some way.  It seems like fast cars, scenes with hot girls in stupid short outfits, and car crashes work on me, no matter what lack of plot or weak acting there is throughout the movie.  Fast & Furious gets me just like the last 3, by throwing a right drive Nissan Skyline and a 1970 Charger at me, I go stupid and really care less about what else is going on in the movie.  I mean really what else is there to care about.  

Should I complain about the acting when there is a 9 second Twin-Turbo 94 Supra tricked to the nines with a couple of skanks sitting on it with 2 pieces of fabric covering thier bits in a strategic way.  Should I say the plot is weak when there is BMW M5 with orange and black paint and black rims gets just plain destroyed in one of the race scenes.  Maybe I should but I just don't care, and I am not even that big of a car guy.  For some reason however, these movies just make me go ga-ga over revving engines, and squealing tires, and I just have little else to say.  

So I think it is pretty obvious to anyone that is thinking about seeing this movie, that if you liked any of the last movies, you will again like this movie.  There is nothing better or worse about it.  There is nothing amazing about the things most would consider substance when it comes to movies.  This is a car movie, and if you like cars, you will love Fast & Furious, if you don't know what any of the cars are I listed above, then there is no reason for you to see this movie. 

3 Stars 


  • tamy



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