Adventureland Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 107 Minutes

Year: 2009

Nudity: None

One Sentence: The girl from Twilight is in this movie.

The movie was pitched as a comedy, but it really came out as a life movie/drama/some comedy/romance, not a romantic comedy.  Out of everything comedy was the least what it was, so it is getting docked 1 star for lying to me.  I guess they got me however, because I would not have gone to see it wihtout it being a comedy.  Now I am here to tell you, all the funny parts are in the preview, so you don't need to see it if that is what you were interested in.  

The movie really is a slow moving growing into adulthood life movie with a romance side plot. The main character is an uninteresting college student who ends up having to work at an amusement park, where it comes out as the worst job they ever had.  I worked at an amustment park 4 years after this movie took place, and it was one of the most fun jobs I ever had. So they work, there are people, that are passing in and out of thier lives because of the park, and it is all very slow, boring, real and just not really something I cared about.  It just isn't that great of a story.

When I left the theater, I thought the movie was ok, but I wasn't really amazed with what I saw, and I don't think a lot of people would think it was all that good.  Along with the lies the marketing department have decided to push on you about this movie, I am saying that there is no reason for you to rent or go see this movie at the theater, it just isn't good enough for you to care. 

2 StarsA

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