Earth Poster

Rated: G

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Year: 2007

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Darth Vader likes to tell us about the Earth.

I believe that the series Planet Earth by BBC and Discovery is the single most important television series ever created.  I think it is absolute required watching for everyone on this planet, and I think it is the culmination of 100 years of film production.  It is a visual masterpiece unmatched by any thing else ever filmed.  So it is hard for me to say that Disneynature's feature length version of this TV series is a complete rip off and a total failure at bringing the awe and beauty of the original TV series to the big screen, since it is the same content. 

Planet Earth is an 11 hour documentary about The Earth, with episodes about different zones of the planet, like Deserts, and Forests.  Disneynature's Earth is a 90 minute documentary taking tiny snippets from that 11 hours and putting it together into 3 family stories with other parts that are linked to these stories but are actually not linked at all if you watch the real TV series.  It is a fabrication of the original story lines, and it leaves the most stunning and amazing footage on the floor in exchange for very weak family animal stories which were never the focus of the original content.  It leaves those who have seen the original wondering where the best parts are and feeling horribly bored with seeing these scenes again without the everything else that originally came with them. 

I think for those that have not seen the original story, this movie could be good for you and your family.  There are some predator scenes but they seem to be cut before anything gets really bad.  I think it will carry you for 90 minutes because some of the footage in the movie is still excellent.  If you enjoy the scenes that look visually amazing think about 9 more hours of that, and rent the original series.  If you own or have seen Planet Earth at home there is no reason for you to go see Earth at all, just watch the original again.

2 Stars 


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