Terminator: Salvation

Terminator Salvation Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 115 Minutes

Release Date: 5/21/09

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Action movie that doesn't break the story.

After the tragicly horrible Terminator 3, I think people were done.  They had 2 good movies they could count on and just ingore that 3 ever existed.  I hardly remember it at all so I was met with quite a lot of meh when I head about Terminator: Salvation staring Batman.  I really like Christan Bale and I don't care about his outburst that hit the net a few months ago.  I was just worried about yet another horrible Terminator and that MCG would not be able to carry.  I do have to say that Salvation is not an amazing movie, but it is not horrible and it tries it's best to keep the story line striaght which I think is very imporant.  

This movie is 99% balls out action and it is good action.  MCG I have felt has always done good with stupid adreneline filled action with little regard to plot, story, or reality.  It seemed like a perfect fit here with Terminator, and I think it really shined.  If you are just looking for crazy action, big robots, and some very slick solid shots then you will not be disappointed with T4.  They invented some very cool new bots and terminators, and kept all the old stuff in the line as well.  They had Kyle Reese (John Connor's father) appear and the kid they used in the movie looked very much like his 1984 counterpart, which I liked very much. 

Overall this movie is the movie T3 should have been, and I think it did justsice to one of the great Sci-fi stories we have.  It didn't have anything new to carry or change from the old T2 line, it was action packed and fun to watch, and it was well enough put together that I was not ashamed of having seen it.  I think everyone would be at least semi-pleased with this Terminator, and is for sure a rental, if not the movie to see this weekend.  

3 Stars

  • Anonymous

    I just saw this movie, and I have to say that it was horrible. The concept had potential, but they definitely dropped the ball on this one. Extremely cheesy movie, horrible script, and overall very disappointing. I actually burst out laughing at points during the movie because it was so cheesy and lame. Also, I didn’t think the graphics were befitting a movie made with today’s capabilities. It just looked bad. I would give it 1 star. How stupid is it that nobody asks Marcus why the heck he doesn’t know what’s going on? Kyle Reese just assumes he’s human no questions asked, when Marcus clearly is not familiar with what a Terminator is or what year he’s in…? I mean who wouldn’t know about the machines in that time? Kyle Reese is supposed to be street smart…Hello no street smarts there! Also very predictable and having to have a “computer” explain the twist at the end to all the dumb ones who still didn’t get what was happening is pathetic. I knew it was all part of the big plan half way through. I mean really, do yourself a favor and SAVE your MONEY!!!! Waste and disappointing because I am a Terminator fan..

    • Well there you all folks, someone saying the complete opposite of me 🙂 Oh well, your choice for the weekend just got much harder. Thanks for your comments!

  • monkeyjenn

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I don’t even like the poster.

  • Anonymous

    The Tv series is 100x better than the movie.

  • terminator

    OMG!!!!horrible dont bother wasting yer time gushh the video graphics,script,casting just horrible..m rating 2 outta 10..xpected mo….

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