The Hangover

The Hangover Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 100 Minutes

Release Date: 05-June-2009

Nudity: Some boobs and tiny man penis.

One Sentence: Just as good as the trailer makes it look, if not better. 

It seems like comedy has come into it's own the last few years, every movie seems as good or better than the last, pushing new limits, trying new things, and using new people along with old favoirtes.   This is making for a wide range of smart, adult comedies that are worth anyone checking out renting or seeing in the theater.  The Hangover is another one of these great movies.  This one deals with one night in Vegas that went a little too far and the guys trying to piece together the night before.  It works and it is hilarious.

What I think is so great about The Hangover is it feels natural.  These 4 guys going on this trip seem like real guys, in real lives, with real relationships.  I think it makes the story, and the crazyness that ensues a little more believeable, and not just some wild comedy ideas they threw randomly into a movie.  There is very little if not anything I can say about this movie negatively.  Sitting here staring at the screen thinking of something to say that was bad, I can't think of anything, so I guess that is good.  

So you get a big reccomendation from me for The Hangover for this weekend in the theater, which is going to be interesting becuase tomorrows review will also have the same recomendation.  I think The Hangover is a big, check out in the theater this weekend. You can also rent it, but I would not want to wait on this one, I think it was that good.

4 Stars 

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