Land Of The Lost

Land Of The Lost Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 93 Minutes

Release Date: 05-June-2009

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Different than the show, but not exactly a bad thing. 

So on one side you have this horribly cheap kids show from the mid 70's that had a large following but visually was terrible.  On the other side you have a lot of money and the Hollywood of the 21st century making a movie.  Fans saying not to ruin the show, and other people saying please don't make it like the show.  What can you do to make this movie work at all?  It seems like you get Will Ferrell and director Brad Silberling together who are both fans and hope for the best.  What came out I can saw is probably the best movie with what they had to work with. 

Land Of The Lost ended up being a fun, silly, action/comedy that pays homage to the 1974 series, and keeps it real in the year 2009.  This is something I don't think anyone thought was possible, and I can't believe I am writing it now.  The movie brought together Will Ferrell, and his level of goofy authority, backed up by Danny McBride, who seems to play very well with Will, and delievered a pretty fun movie. There were scenes that looked like they spent 10 dollars on the set, which I think made it feel like the old show, then there were others, that visually were amazing.  Great CG and cheap props all tied together really made this a great movie that was really focused on it's intentions and I think executed them very well.  

I was never a fan of the old show, but went with a fan and she liked it very much.  I think that Land Of The Lost was quite a surprise, and hit all the right spots for fans and non-fans alike.  However this movie is pushing the PG-13 really hard, and some of those with kids they want to bring might want to second guess that decision.  Depends on how open you are with your kids and what they see.  Otherwise this movie is a renter for sure, and maybe if you want to skip the rated R comedy this weekend, Land Of The Lost would be good to check out this weekend. 

3 Stars 

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