The Proposal

The Proposal

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 107 Minutes

Release Date: 19-June-2009

Nudity: None of the bits shown, but somewhat. 

One Sentence: Better than most romantic comedies. 

Lately I have given up on any romantic comedy delivering anything that is not a mainstream laugh, and not following a very tight formula that we have all seen a million times.  I am sure the ladies are getting tired of it, and I am for sure getting tired of it.  So I am happy to day that The Proposal is heavy on the laughs, light on the romance, and great as a movie.  I think putting Ryan Reynolds, and his mouth next to Sandra Bullocks's edge and let them go crazy with it really worked out.  Then add in a touch of crazy Betty White and you have a great date movie that everyone should have a great time at. 

I would say this movie is 75% comedy, and really good sarcastic back and forth comedy, between Sandy and Ryan, and 25% romance.  This balance led to a movie that was very funny, but also far better than the last few romantic comedies I have seen.  It really allowed a much better story being told, and felt far more believeable. The romance felt more natural, and less like a comedy fairy tale that leaves your girlfriend asking you why you don't do all the things the guy did in the movie.  

I do like both Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock so that could have something to do with this review, but I don't think so.  It just was a quality movie, and I think a great date movie, one that you guys should have no problem saying yes to.  So I would go check it out in the theater even, as it is good enough to warrant the date price.  Obviously you renters out there, can feel good adding it to your queue and checking it out once it is on DVD, but if you are looking for a reason to get out, I would check out The Proposal. 

4 Stars 

My Coke Rewards: RNFW4A9X9AKV

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