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Funny People

Rated: R Running Time: 146 Minutes Release Date: 30-Jul-2009 Nudity: One pair of boobs One Sentence: 3 for 3 for Apatow. It seems like movies about comedians tend to not be funny.  Which I guess is fine if you are looking into thier lives and you find something else besides comedy, but these movies also […]

SDCC: The Floor

So after the hard lesson of panels at Comic Con, and that they are a waste of time, you have other things going on too.  There are about 1000 people outside throwing fancy cardboard paper at you with some sort of party/advertising on it for you.  There were monsters and dead things trying to get […]

SDCC 2009: Come for the lines, stay for the swag?

First, I want to say sorry for not being able to do any live blogging during the festival. My laptop battery ate it and I couldn't leave it unplugged, so no live posts.   This was my first trip to San Diego Comic Con, otherwise known now as the $80.00 dollar event to wait 2 […]

San Diego Comic Con

  OH SNAP! is off to Comic Con, to see toys, girls in Princess Leia costumes, and various other nerd going activities.  I have no idea what I am going to cover, what I am going to see, or really very much of a plan at all.  All I know is I am going […]

(500) Days Of Summer

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 95 Minutes Release Date: 17-Jul-2009 (Limited) Nudity: None One Sentence: Her name is Summer, cleaver huh.  Nothing about this movie is especially surprising, from the hip opening music, that is not a top 40 song, to the sensitive skinny male lead, and the quirky yet cynical female lead.  There is an […]

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Rated: PG Running Time: 153 Minutes Release Date: 15-Jul-2009 Nudity: None One Sentence: I have not read this book yet.  This review is placed under the file of big fan, that has not read this book yet.  So please take that into account when reading this review.  I knew this movie was coming, and by […]


Rated: R Running Time: 83 Minutes Release Date: 10-July-2009 Nudity: Everything, Man and Woman. One Sentence: This man has huge brass balls. Wow, wow.  If I had to say one thing about this movie, it's that Sasha Baron Coen, the man who plays Brüno has balls the size of Canada.  I would never in a […]

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