Brüno Movie Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 83 Minutes

Release Date: 10-July-2009

Nudity: Everything, Man and Woman.

One Sentence: This man has huge brass balls.

Wow, wow.  If I had to say one thing about this movie, it's that Sasha Baron Coen, the man who plays Brüno has balls the size of Canada.  I would never in a million years attempt any of the things he pulled off in this movie, and he does them with a level of character immersion that even seems to make Borat feel fake and weak in comparasion.  This is just 83 minutues of pure hard core hilarious vulgar awesome, and I think if you can handle a whole lot of gay and offensive humor then Brüno is a must see. 

I think pretty much from the very beginning to the last scene I was laughing my ass off.  I was shocked, amazed, slack-jawed and rolling in the aisles.  This movie was extremly offensive and funny, but I think it might be the funniest movie of the year.  I just loved it.  I don't have much else to say, so this is my whole review.  If you thought Borat was funny, you will like this more I think, and if you thought Borat was offensive in a bad way, then you will think this is worse.  So base your pick on that.  And now a warning.

This moive deals with race, gay issues, gay sex, men kissing, penis', group sex, fashion, rural America, and a lot more, in a way that is meant to shock you.  It is very in your face and does not apoligize for it in any way.  There were times where I thought how this is not a NC-17 movie, so be warned.  If that does not sound like something you would like to see then this movie is not for you.  However if you don't mind that, then I hope you liked Brüno as much as I did. 

4 Stars 

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