SDCC: The Floor

I am not sure

So after the hard lesson of panels at Comic Con, and that they are a waste of time, you have other things going on too.  There are about 1000 people outside throwing fancy cardboard paper at you with some sort of party/advertising on it for you.  There were monsters and dead things trying to get you to look at them, and there were cobranded resturants with 19 dollar hambergers and 4 dollar cokes.  (We left when we saw the menu)  All this while batteling 80,000 other nerds trying to get to the same places. 


However there was one shining beacon in the clusterfuck of San Diego Comic Con, The Exhibit Floor, known henceforth as the floor.  This is a whole lot of space with boths galore.  Of all kinds, and all shapes, it is like E3's floor, except more disorganized, less space between the booths and a whole lot more costumes.  

Meow Meow 

Monkeyjenn with pimp fett 

The floor was mostly great.  There were toys, art, artists, costumes, things for sale, statues and just lots of great stuff.  Except for the middle when some of the big booths like Fox decided it would be a good idea to bring out the cast of 24 to do autographs in the very middle of the floor and stop traffic in all 4 directions while people tried to get a pic.  You should be ashamed Keifer. 

The floor was huge, and we hit it all 3 days we went, however failed to see everything.  We got lost many times looking for something we saw earlier, and came across new things all the time, in places we thought we were at before.  This is where we got SDCC exclusive toys that drained my wallet.  Were we saw new exciting statues and art peices coming out in the future.  Where we saw real comic book artists and toy artists doing drawings in peoples sketch pads for free, and where the pulse and fun of the convention lived.  

To Infinity And Beyond

You could see celebrities way closer on the floor if they came out.  You could see toys that you have only ever seen online before now right up close, and you could meet artists who would be willing to sign your exclusive rare toys for free.  Short lines, nice people, and a little crowded, but so much better then any panel we got into or tired to get into. 

Stitch 626 project 

SDCC 2009 has come to a close and so have I.  I do not know if I will go back next year, maybe for 2 days and only go to the floor, becuase I did have a lot of fun there.  For the rest of the pics Monkeyjenn took at Comic Con 2009 go to her flickr. 


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