A Perfect Getaway

A Perfect Getaway Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 97 Minutes

Release Date: 07-Aug-2009

Nudity: None

One Sentence: I had it about half way through. 

"You will not believe the ending." this is what I keep hearing on the TV every time I see the commerical for this movie.  Whenever I hear or see that it automatically triggers a responce that is, I bet I will.  A Perfect Getaway had me guessing for about half of the movie and not really guessing just paying attention till it was obvious what the ending was going to be.  After the credits rolled I thought, this movie felt boring and slow, except for the last 20 minutes and was not a shock ending to me at all. 

So I think my initial reaction is what I am going to tell you all, boring, slow, and not really that great of a shocking ending to make you sit through the rest of the movie.  The suspence building in the first half of the movie was weak and did not provide much of anything in the way of tension or misdirection.  It attempted at both, but was so weak that it really didn't do either sucessfully.  A little bit past half way through there was a scene which made it obvious what the ending would be, and for me it was over, there wasn't enough of anything in this movie to keep me intersted.  Finally after the reveal, it had about 20 minutes of a solid good movie, but still not enough to forgive everything that came before it. 

So I say no to A Perfect Getaway completly.  Not even a renter for me, it just didn't do anything good enough to waste the hour and a half on.  Check out something else in the theaters this weekend and keep it out of your rental queue. 

2 Stars 

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