The Final Destination

The Final Destination Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 82 Minutes

Release Date: 28-Aug-2009

Nudity: One pair of boobs. 

One Sentence: More of the same from The Final Destination.

I don't know if anyone has ever said any of The Final Destination movies are good, I don't think I have but I have said that they have created some of the best deaths in movie history.  The teacher death from part 1 and the highway opening of part 2 jump to mind right away, but I am sure there are lots of others.  I think these scenes are what keep people coming back for more Final Destination, they don't need much story, or anything really different as long as the deaths are new and fun.  I think they delivered what they were supposed to in The Final Destination.

The opening big death to me was a little weak, poor low budget CG and what felt like a generally weak chain of events leading up to the deaths felt far less realistic and far more forced than previous movies.  Everything after the opener was very good.  Good deaths that were linked together with solid chain's of events that I thought did the franchise more justice than part 3 did.  However that is all this movie was, is deaths and in no way even attempted to make a stab at moving the general idea of these movies forward, which was fine to me.  I think any attempt at making these movies more than they are would ruin the things they did right in this movie, which was death. 

What can I say, sometimes no plot, cute girls, and death all work.  I think everyone making this movie was generally aware of that and made an ok movie.  You can rent this and not feel bad about it, or you can check it out in 3-D at the theater.  I didn't think the 3-D part was necessary at all, so I don't think it's a must see in the theater, but if you do like the other movies you will like this one. 

3 Stars 

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