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Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 88 Minutes Release Date: 25-Sep-2009 Nudity: None One Sentence: Cool Sci-Fi, ok movie.  I find the situation that occurs in Surrogates to be a very likely type scenario in the future.  It might not be full robotic type thing that act as we are, but something like that seems like it […]

The Informant

Rated: R Running Time: 108 Minutes Release Date: 18-Sep-2009 Nudity: None One Sentence: Very funny, not anything what I was suspecting.  So this movie is weird, it is a comedy, about a true story, about a price fixing scheme and whistle blower in the 90's.  Matt Damon is that whistle blower.  It seems like the […]


Rated: R Running Time: 121 Minutes Release Date: 3-Oct-2009 Nudity: Lots One Sentence: A lot harder to watch than I suspected.  This movie has been sitting on in my theater for months.  I do not even remember when I got it from Netflix.  I had heard it was good movie and I just never got […]


Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 79 Minutes Release Date: 09-Sep-2009 Nudity: None One Sentence:  You are supposed to care about the bag monsters. This movie called "9" is being released on 09-09-09, isn't that clever.  This is a PG-13 animated movie about some new characters that are made out of bags, and are supposedly things we […]

Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus

Rated: R Running Time: 90 Minutes Release Date: 26-May-2009 Nudity: None One Sentence: Most disappointing movie I have ever seen I was excited about watching this movie. I love bad, cheesy movies. With a title like that and a cast starring Lorenzo Lamas and Debbie Gibson (correction, Deborah Gibson), I thought I was in for […]


Rated: R Running Time: 91 Minutes Release Date: 04-Sep-2009 Nudity: None One Sentence: This is not the movie you are hoping for.  Every time Mike Judge is in the news the masses look up from their cubicles for another anthem of their pain.  The next movie that shows the utter stupidity of their life in […]

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