Blindness Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 121 Minutes

Release Date: 3-Oct-2009

Nudity: Lots

One Sentence: A lot harder to watch than I suspected. 

This movie has been sitting on in my theater for months.  I do not even remember when I got it from Netflix.  I had heard it was good movie and I just never got around to watching it.  My girlfriend said she didn't want to watch it, heard it was bad and so I never sat down and watched it myself.  I finally got her to sit down and watch it, after it was over, I got in trouble for making her sit through it.  I thought she meant "bad" as in not a quality film, not bad like, a horrible tragic look into the dark side of humanity.  

Blindness is a hard movie to get through, it deals with tons of fears I think most people have.  Not active fears, but those things that you hope never happen to you, like going blind, being locked up, rationed food, rape, the loss of self and identity.  Blindness pulls no punches and I think that is why even though I heard it was a good movie, I never heard a single recommendation to watch this movie.  It is just hard to sit through.  In the end I felt like I do with most of these types of movies.  I thought it was well made, but I am not sure that I ever needed to see it. 

I do not think I am going to recommend you watch this movie.  I think most of you can go about your lives never having seen it, or ever thinking about it, and you would be fine.  There is nothing in this movie that is required brain food, it doesn't provide questions or solutions, it doesn't trigger thought, humor, or even horror.  All it does is drill down on you a depressing horrible idea and doesn't let you be released from that idea.  It is not something I think I needed to go through and I don't know if any of you do either.  Skip it. 

3 Stars 

  • Megan

    I really appreciate your review on this movie. I wish I had been warned. I wish I could take back having seen this movie and I do not just mean that in a small waste of time-no amused type way. I mean that in a, I’m not sure if I’m going to feel the same for quite some time type of way. As a woman who’s been through similar events, it’s not something I wanted to relive. It’s not something I care to see still be an acceptable part of society.

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