The Informant

The Informant Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 108 Minutes

Release Date: 18-Sep-2009

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Very funny, not anything what I was suspecting. 

So this movie is weird, it is a comedy, about a true story, about a price fixing scheme and whistle blower in the 90's.  Matt Damon is that whistle blower.  It seems like the words Matt Damon and Whistle Blower would lead to a long heavy movie with lots of drama, court rooms and all the other things that seem to go along with those type of movies.  This is not the case at all with The Informant.   

The Informant is a weird funny quirky movie that has a coolness about it that Soderbergh brings to all his movies.  It flows very naturally even though sometimes you never know which way is up with the story.  Matt Damon is excellent as the lead character who has a hard time knowing right from wrong and is an idiot savant.  The supporting cast is a wonderfully supportive of the story and each other, and makes The Informant just fly by as an intellectual comedy that delivers. 

I would say this movie is rentable for sure, and if you are not going to see the horror/slut movie or the kids movie this weekend and are looking for comedy, then you would have a great time with The Informant.  I would check it out sometime if you can for sure.  Very solid comedy, one of the better movies of the year. 

4 Stars 

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