Surrogates Poster

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: 88 Minutes

Release Date: 25-Sep-2009

Nudity: None

One Sentence: Cool Sci-Fi, ok movie. 

I find the situation that occurs in Surrogates to be a very likely type scenario in the future.  It might not be full robotic type thing that act as we are, but something like that seems like it could happen.  A representation of us in a matrix type world, or anything where we are safe and hidden but a surrogate of us is out in the world.  So the idea of Surrogates appealed to me very much.  The idea was well executed and looked very good.  The touches of this new technology in a not that far in the future world was very well done and very believable. 

However this movie I think falls into the thing that a lot of movies falls into, safety.  They get into the safe formula and just follow it to the end.  I think I felt almost like I had seen this movie before in other genres and in sci-fi as well.  There was very little difference here to other movies that seem to deal with these types of issues.  I wouldn't say it made the movie bad, it just didn't do anything unexpected outside of the sci-fi neat surrogate stuff.  

This leaves the movie in the rental category.  There is nothing here that would lead me to tell you, you have to go see this movie in the theater.  There is enough here to say that if you did go to the theater, it would be a good movie experience, but you don't have to go.  So I would just add it to your Netflix queue and have it arrive when it comes out on DVD.  

3 Stars

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