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Rated: PG Running Time: 111 Minutes Release Date: 23-Oct-2009 Nudity: None One Sentence: A mediocre biopic of one of America's most famous heroes. I will not say that I know a lot about the life and times of Amelia Earhart, so I will not act like this movie is or is not an accurate portrayal […]

Where The Wild Things Are

Rated: PG Running Time: 94 Minutes Release Date: 16-Oct-2009 Nudity: None One Sentence: I am still covered with emo.  Well I am surprised to see that the running time of this movie according to IMDB was 94 minutes, becuase the movie I saw felt like 3 hours.  3 Long, rage and whining filled hours.  The […]

Law Abiding Citizen

Rated: R Running Time: 108 Minutes Release Date: 16-Oct-2009 Nudity: None One Sentence: It's like Saw with an Academy Award winner.  I think this movie didn't have a message, at least I hope it didn't.  A message where the writer or director was trying to make a statement and present it to the audience so […]

Trick ‘r Treat

Rated: R Running Time: 82 Minutes DVD Release Date: 06-Oct-2009 Nudity: Some One Sentence: A direct to DVD release that might be the best horror movie since Scream. I got to see this movie at Comic-Con, the director and writer, Michael Dougherty came out to talk about it.  This is the guy who made Superman […]


Rated: R Running Time: 80 Minutes Release Date: 02-Oct-2009 Nudity: Zombie Boobs One Sentence: I like funny zombie movies. I can't tell if this movie had a big budget or a small budget, and that is wonderful for a zombie movie.  The opening sequence feels as though they spent 100 million dollars on this movie […]

Capitalism: A Love Story

Rated: R Running Time: 120 Minutes Release Date: 02-Oct-2009 Nudity: None One Sentence: I think this is totally worth seeing.  So about a month ago or so, Goldman Sachs posted the biggest quarter profit for themselves ever, during our recession, after a lot of other banks failed.  Hank Paulson, former Treasury secretary of the United […]

Whip It

Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 111 Minutes Release Date: 2-Oct-2009 Nudity: None One Sentence: TXRD! I live in Austin Texas, where we have 2 different Roller Derby leagues, who alternate seasons, so we practically have full year Roller Derby here.  I am a fan of these awesome girls and their ass-kicking sport.  So I wasn't sure […]

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