Zombieland Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 80 Minutes

Release Date: 02-Oct-2009

Nudity: Zombie Boobs

One Sentence: I like funny zombie movies.

I can't tell if this movie had a big budget or a small budget, and that is wonderful for a zombie movie.  The opening sequence feels as though they spent 100 million dollars on this movie and it sets a wonderful tone for the next 80 minutes.  It is an amazing sequence of slow-motion and titles that is my favorite opener of the year.  The rest of the movie is pretty good too.  

A simple mix of humor, zombies, and formula make Zombieland work better than all your other horror/comedies coming out.  Since there are so few however it might be easy to say this is the best horror/comedy of the year.  So let's also say its one of the better movies of the year.  This is a no frills, know exactly what is going to happen at the end of this Zombie movie and you probably won't care, becuase you are laughing all the way through the end of the world.  It was great to see Woody Harrelson and I thought he was great and Jesse Eisenburg backed him up wonderfully.

There is nothing surprising or new about Zombieland but it is still a lot of fun to watch that I will still say check it out.  The title sequence is just amazing and because of that I think you should go see it in the theater if you haven't.  It was the number 1 movie in America this past weekend though so I bet a lot of you have, if you haven't go check it out, I think it's worth the trip. 

4 Stars 

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