Trick ‘r Treat


Rated: R

Running Time: 82 Minutes

DVD Release Date: 06-Oct-2009

Nudity: Some

One Sentence: A direct to DVD release that might be the best horror movie since Scream.

I got to see this movie at Comic-Con, the director and writer, Michael Dougherty came out to talk about it.  This is the guy who made Superman Returns, so I was pretty sure this direct to DVD release was going to be no good.  At the end of the movie as monkeyjenn and I were walking out of the viewing room we both said, that was the best horror movie we had seen in a very long time.  

Trick 'r Treat is nothing like any of the horror movies that have come out this century.  It is a throwback, a wonderful throwback with intertwined mini stories that are perfect for Halloween and for having that fun type of scared a lot of you have been missing.  It introduces a wonderful little scary character named Sam as he takes us through the 4 different Halloween stories.  It mixed those stories nicely into a single movie that will satisfy most old school 80's horror fans.  It executes and presents the stories very well and makes the fear fun again, instead of just an attempt at the scariest things to possibly put on screen.

I can not recommend this movie enough.   I have been waiting for the day this movie gets released on DVD since I saw it, so I could watch it again.  That day is today.  I highly recommend this movie for anyone watching Halloween horror movies.  I will be buying a copy today, and I think you should at least rent it, but I think a lot of you will be buying it after the rental.  It has a ton of re-watch value, and you can show it to all your friends who have never heard of it.  That is what I will be doing this Halloween.

5 Stars 

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