Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 99 Minutes

Release Date: 25-Nov-2009

Nudity: None

One Sentence: A whole lot of dark bloody ninjas. 

There was a time when there were more ninja movies than you could name.  They had ninja in black, blue, red and there were army's of them.  They were led by an evil ninja master, or white man with a beard, and they were all set on some sort of seedy doing.  There was a lone ninja that was a good guy and he would best the army of ninja.  Ninja Assassin takes this format to heart and brings back the 80's ninja movie, with maybe a little bit more money. 

Ninja Assassin is as enjoyable as any of these old ninja movies, and maybe to some even more so.  It had good fighting, good weapons, good shots, minimal plot and lots and lots of ninja.  Overall I would say that if you are going into this movie expecting nothing more than a ninja movie you will have a good time with it.  However there are a couple of times where I though the scene was too dark or too shaky to see.  Those scenes were a let down because they could have been much better scenes if they were shot better. 

Nothing about this movie is amazing or anything better than those old 80's movies, but if you are missing that nostalgia then Ninja Assassin is for you.  I would say however that if you are looking for a movie to see over thanksgiving with the family, this might not be the right movie.  It is very bloody, to the point of excessive, and I am not sure if nana will be happy with all the blood.  Keep it as a renter or something to see this weekend after Thanksgiving.  

3 Stars 

  • huynh lynda

    i missing the code dvd digital copy for tittle ninja assassin. can you give me the code. please

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