Crazy Heart

Crazy Heart Poster

Rated: R

Running Time: 111 Minutes

Release Date: Dec 16th 2009

Nudity: Not really

One Sentence: One of the best performances I have ever seen. 

My girlfriend said, "I want to meet Jeff Bridges to see what he is really like, because that didn't seem like acting."  She is right, it didn't seem like acting, it seemed like a look into a man's life.  A documentary almost, with how natural, real, and convincing the portrayal of Bad Blake was by Jeff Bridges.  Bad Blake is a country music singer who is down on his luck and life.  Jeff Bridges brought this man to life in a way I rarely see, even with every years Academy Award Winnders. 

Crazy Heart is a rough and tumble movie about a man's choices in life, it travels along the road slowly through New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.  It moves at the speed of Bad Blake and his life gone wrong, and while at no time does the movie ever bore or feel slow, this movie is not the normal movie I would recommend on  It is a dialogue movie through and through, about hard lives and bad choices, if that doesn't seem like your type of movie I would steer clear, but if it does then Crazy Heart is worth checking out. 

Additionally all music that is sung during this movie is done by the actors in the movie and it is very well done.  The music rubbed off on me as well, it, like the movie felt hard lived and true.  I am not a country music fan, but I do live in Texas and once in a while that feeling rubs off on me and it did in Crazy Heart.  This is the type of music movie that I wish all those other biopics that have come out in the last few years was.  I highly recommend this movie to everyone at least for rental.  I would expect to see this name Crazy Heart pop up a few times at the Academy Awards.

4 Stars 

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