Extraordinary Measures

Extraordinary Measures

One Sentence: Grumpy Harrison doesn't stretch at all. 

Rated: PG

Running Time: 105 Minutes

Nudity: None

Release Date: 22-Jan-2010

This is a new movie Executive Produced by Harrison Ford and released by the new production company CBS Films.  It is one of those movies where the subject matter by itself is supposed to make you feel, and while I can get on board with these types of movies, I think that the subject matter by itself can not carry the movie.  Extraordinary Measures doesn't have the story or acting to carry the heavy subject matter to an extraordinary movie. 

The movie ended up being more of a look into the pharmaceutical business and less about healing, life, and love.  Which is really where the movie should have gone. It felt so clinical and cold, with both Brendan Frasier and Harrison Ford not really being anything exceptional as well. Harrison just seemed grumpy and short, not much different that he seems when he does interviews in reality.  Maybe this was the intention but I didn't enjoy it. 

I don't feel like backing this movie even for rental.  I don't think it was especially bad, but I just don't think it was good either.  I felt like if you never saw this movie you would not feel any differently than you did today.  If you are into the business of getting a drug to market, then you should go see it, otherwise, I would skip it. 

2 Stars 

  • Anonymous

    how much money was the check for that Harrison Forn pinned to the corkboard?

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