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The Crazies

One Sentence: Crazy scary. Rated: R Running Time: 101 Minutes Release Date: 26-Feb-2010 Nudity: None Maybe I am just happy that there is something good in the theater, but I really liked The Crazies.  It seems like the drought of a good scary movie has been even longer.  I can't even remember the last good […]

Saint John Of Las Vegas

One sentence: Steve Buscemi plays Steve Buscemi Rated: R   Release Date: 29-Jan-2010 Running Time: 85 min Nudity: Man penis I went into this movie not even knowing the title. By the time I learned it, it didn't matter because the movie already started.  Steve Buscemi plays the character that he plays in pretty much […]

The Wolfman

One Sentence: Classic horror gone wrong.  Rated: R Running Time: 125 Minutes Release Date: 12-Feb-2010 Nudity: Emily Blunt side boob. So you take a classic 1941 horror movie and remake it.  What do you expect, a simple remake along the lines of the original, with a simple plot about a monster and love.  Do you […]

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