Saint John Of Las Vegas

Saint John of Las Vegas Poster

One sentence: Steve Buscemi plays Steve Buscemi

Rated: R
Release Date: 29-Jan-2010

Running Time: 85 min

Nudity: Man penis

I went into this movie not even knowing the title. By the time I learned it, it didn't matter because the movie already started.  Steve Buscemi plays the character that he plays in pretty much all of his movies: the grumpy, down on his luck, greasy guy. I'm not complaining. I think he plays that character very well and he's one of my favorite actors. 
This time, his character's name is John and he works as a car insurance claims adjuster who is given the opportunity to be promoted to fraud  investigator.  Sara Silverman plays John's girlfriend, Jill, and she is perfect for this role. Jill is a bit awkward and a little crazy, but in a harmless way. She loves smiley faces and I mean LOVES them.  Romany Malco is great and steals the movie as Virgil, a veteran investigator who travels with him to show him the ropes.
This movie is quirky and slightly funny. It's about John's adventure which ends with him learning a life lesson. It's not extraordinary, but  I thought is was entertaining and funny enough. There is nothing visually special that requires seeing it at the theater. Unless you just want to see a movie and would like something that is different from the norm. If so, I recommend going to a matinee.

3 Stars


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