District 13: Ultimatum

D13 Ultimatium Poster

One Sentence: A lesser sequel.

Rated: R

Running Time: 101 Minutes

Release Date: 05-Mar-2010

Nudity: None

This one might be confusing to a lot of you, it is a sequel to a French Parkuor movie that came out in 2004.  That movie I liked enough to recommend to all of you. It wasn't amazing but it worked.  So 6 years later the sequel is getting released to limited theaters in the U.S.  It was written by Luc Besson, who writes a lot of things I love.   It sounds like a good combination, Parkuor, action, fighting, Luc Besson and a sequel to a movie that I enjoyed. 

So it is sad for me to say that I thought this movie was lacking in some of the fundamentals that I was expecting, which made it a total let down.  The man thing, was the lack of Parkuor in this movie.  There was one scene of it in the movie and was short and under-used in the movie.  They got the same guys from the first one, and then just didn't really execute at least one of them in a productive way.  These guys were cast for their Parkuor skills, not their acting skills.  So it really didn't deliver what I was expecting. 

There was a lot of fighting, and it was smooth, well shot, and very fun.  This is what worked with the first movie having both good fighting and Parkour together.  Without the Parkour we have to look at the story more, and with it being a little weak, with a ending that really made my suspension of disbelief work overtime, I think that this sequel is skippable.  I think you could rent it if you were a fan of the first movie, but it's not something you should pay box office prices for. 

2 Stars 

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