She’s Out Of My League

She’s Out Of My League Poster

One Sentence: Here comes the comedy D squad. 

Rated: R

Running Time: 104 Minutes

Release Date: 12-Mar-2010

Nudity: None

So they have been quite a few successful comedies with groups of hip young guys that are single and have funny banter.  They are like 20 somethings and they have various things going on in their lives and everything they say is hilarious.  The Hangover made the most money of any R rated movie ever made, so of course there are going to be tons of movies like that.  She's Out Of My League is an attempt at being as funny and successful as The Hangover.  

They put together 4 guys who you might have seen before in commercials or other movies.  They attempt to be funny back and forth but it isn't funny at all.  They attempt a cute love story which is generally weak and not sweet or inspiring.  They copied everything that is so great about those other movies, except that it was a shitty copy.  Nothing about this movie is any where near comparable to any of those other movies and really is only an attempt to cash in on the format.  

I really can't find a single reason to go see this movie.  They even showed the sexiest part with the hot girl in the preivew on TV so you don't even have to go for her.  I would skip this movie completely, even a rental is not worth it. 

2 Stars 

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