SXSW 2010 – Sat the 13th

Wow, what a great first day.  Kick-Ass was amazing. White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights was great, a review of that is to come today from Monkeyjenn. 

So for today we have The People Vs. George Lucas, a documentary about the fans and their attitude toward the new trilogy accompanied by an animated short based on the video of the girl who told the plot of star wars who had never seen it.  That video is here and if you have never seen it, it's pretty damn funny. 

Dirty Pictures a documentary about the chemist who discovered the effects of MDMA and lots of other mind bending products.

And if we can make it, a space horror called Monsters at midnight.  

As always I will try to get the reviews out to you as soon as I can. Be sure to check out my twitter at Mikeyreviewer for updates throughout the festival.




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