The People Vs George Lucas

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One Sentence: All the feelings and opinions we all have felt and argued, in an hour and a half. 


I just got out of the World Premiere of The People Vs. George Lucas, which is maybe a documentary of the fans of the world affected by the life and times of George Lucas.  It was part film school history lesson, part new Star Wars bashing, part merchandising complaints/praise and part dedication and love to the man who created all.  

I don't know what The People Vs George Lucas is supposed to be exactly, or what I am supposed to take away from it.  The title makes it sound like there is some authority or something that is at least credible to whatever it is intending to be, but the more you think about whatever that thing would be, the more you are confused and don't know what you really want out of this movie, or George himself.  In the end, I am feeling like maybe all this movie is or can be to anyone is closure.  Closure of any opinion that you might have about George Lucas and Star Wars.  I think that is what I am going to take away from it, and while I don't think the movie was especially amazing, I think it is at least entertaining, and allowing for all of us to face our own feelings about the last 15 years of Star Wars and figure out what we really feel.  So if you are a fan, and feel like you have always wanted to do something about it, at least you can watch this movie and deal with your own feelings.  

I don't know anything about availability or distribution, so just keep an eye out and maybe it will come to a DVD near you.  

3 Stars 

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