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I only saw about 2/3rds of this movie, so please take that into account with this review.  Something happened with the projector, and I gave up on it and left to try to get to the Japanese Vampire movie.  I never made it to that movie, however I do not regret leaving Elektra Luxx, the sequel to the last SXSW premiere Women In Trouble.  This movie is about a pregnant porn star who teaches a class called how to act like a porn star in bed.  There was also some song lyrics that were stolen, and some other random girls acting as porn stars.  The movie has a porn star quality to it, in plot, humor, film style and everything about it.  It felt like an unfunny porn with no sex in it. When the bulb went out on the movie, I leaped at the chance to leave.  No conflict, no comedy, nothing that was interesting to me in any way, I was out of there.   I am sure most of you won't even come across this movie, but if you do see the words pregnant porn star on a DVD box somewhere, if it is not real porn, it might be this movie and you just need to put it back on the shelf and walk on by. 

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