SXSW 2010 – Sun the 14th

We were only able to watch about 2/3 of a movie called Elektra Luxx. Review of that 2/3rds to come.

The good news is that we were able to attend Jeffrey Tambor's (Arrested Development and what seems like every movie since 1977) Acting Workshop. It wasn't a movie, but it was very good and since it wasn't, I won't review it. I will say this, if you get the chance to see him, do it. His ideas are very applicable to everyone's life. 

Tally so far…

Saturday Night (James Franco movie about the behind the scenes of an SNL skit): FAIL

Elektra Luxx: FAIL – We think the bulb burned out.

Higanjima (Japanese horror movie): FAIL

While we're glad we made it to the acting workshop, we were bummed about not seeing any movies. Ah well, we've learned some lessons and hope to make it to the movies we plan to watch today and the rest of the week.

Article by monkeyjenn(aka Jenn Baldillez)

  • Right, I mean a 1200 dollar badge should make it so that if you are there 1.5 hours before a movie, you get in.

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