Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine Poster

One Sentence: Not enough 80's in this movie about the 80's. 

Rated: R

Running Time: 100 Minutes

Release Date: 26-March-2010

Nudity: Man butts and some boobs. 

The 80's ski movie was one of the pinnacle's of the 80's.  Gratuitous nudity, excessive drinking, the misfits, the douche rich guys, and of course the final race down the mountain.  Hot Tub Time Machine was a door back to those movies.  Would it live up to it's expectation, would it even be funny, or should the 80's movie be left in the past.  Well with Hot Tub Time Machine we will never know, because it is a movie that takes place in the 80's, but you can barely tell. 

This felt like a movie where they made a cute guy comedy fit into the idea of the 80's and played up the idea of the 80's without executing it very well at all.  This is why we all wanted to see this movie, because otherwise the idea seems pretty stupid, the only draw is the 80's ski movie and it doesn't appear very much in Hot Tub Time Machine.  What we really have in this movie is a bunch of people dressed 80's sort of in the back ground, while the rest of the movie has no feel for the 80's at all and could have taken place at any time.  So if we look at this movie without the 80's it's a dude midlife crisis movie that is slightly funny.  That just isn't worth 10 bucks. 

It is with heavy regret that I would recommend a rental for this movie, it is not the home run we all hoped it would be.  It is funny, but it is not new or fresh comedy and it doesn't trigger that much nostalgia. It is not a bad movie but it is not 10 bucks a person worthy, so I would wait for the DVD on this one, sorry 80's kids. 

3 Stars 

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