Clash Of The Titans

Clash Of The Titans Poster

One Sentence: The worst 3D experience I have ever had. 

Rated: PG-13

Running Time: Unknown

Release Date: 02-Apr-2010

Nudity: None

I am sure some people were sick of 3-D already.  They have put just about anything they could in 3-D and charged more for it.  Most of these movies at least were in some way were valid in 3-D, they certainly were not worse movies because of it, and some like Avatar were amazing in 3-D.  However we have had a ton of movies in 3-D lately and the studios finally made a movie where they cut all the corners they could on the 3-D release and made the movie almost completely unwatchable.  That movie is Clash Of The Titans. 

The movie was too dark, we are wearing what are essentially sunglasses in a dark room, looking at a dark screen, they didn't fix the color so it looked like crap, horribly muddy dark crap.  There were fast scenes that the conversion to 3-D just didn't take and it looked like it was a moving blur.  These action scenes were all wasted in 3-D.  There was also no depth to the 3-D. It wasn't even needed. I don't remember a single shot where I thought it looked good in 3-D or that it made the shot better.  If I had paid the extra 3-5 bucks for the 3-D version of this movie, I would be pissed. 

The original Clash Of The Titans was an epic movie experience that even today is fun to watch.  This remake should not even share the same name.  It was a horrible attempt at cashing in on the audience, and I think it was a horrible movie experience.  So far the worst movie of 2010. 

2 Stars

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