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Shrek Forever After Movie Review

One Sentence: So much better than part 3.  Rated: PG Running Time: 93 Minutes Release Date: 21-May-2010 Nudity: None I really liked Shrek 1 and 2.  I thought they were sweet, cute movies, that were very funny and good movies for the whole family.  Shrek 3 came out and really I just pretend it doesn't […]

Robin Hood Movie Review

One Sentence: Damn this movie felt long. Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 140 Minutes Release Date: 14-May-2010 Nudity: None This is the year of 3-D.  Every movie is being looked at if it can go 3-D.  Let's make more money on it by putting it in 3-D.  So what is Robin Hood doing here.  An over […]

Iron Man 2 Movie Review

One Sentence: Good, but no Iron Man. Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 124 Minutes Release Date: 07-May-2010 Nudity: None There are some big ass metal shoes to fill with the sequel to Iron Man.  Some Marvel movies have created some better than the first sequels, Spider-Man and X-men both come to mind that had better part […]

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