Splice Movie Review

Splice Movie Review

One Sentence: They should have aborted this baby.

Rated: R

Running Time: 104 Minutes

Release Date: 04-June-2010

Nudity: What some might consider boobs. 

Why do you make a movie that is hard to watch.  Usually it takes you out of your comfort zone for a reason, to scare, to make a statement, to make you face the problems of the world in a real way.  Making something hard to watch is sometimes a necessary part of the filmmaking process, and most of the time the audience that is going to see the movie is aware this is going to happen and is willing to face that reality.  What if you had a movie that is hard to watch, but doesn't make a statement, or scare you or do anything that makes those feelings valid?  This is Splice, a movie that spends 104 minutes making you feel unwashed and dirty, with no reason whatsoever for any of it.   I needed a shower after I got out of the theater.  

I don't want to be unclear here, this is not uncomfortable in a good way, an entertaining way, an educational way, or any other way that can be turned around as a positive.  There is absolutely no reason for this movie to exist, for you to go see this movie, or for any one ever to think about renting or catching this movie on HBO, or even illegally downloading it.  It would be a waste of electricity and bandwidth to illegally download this movie.  This movie isn't even a bad where it will gain cult status and be watched and made fun of, it doesn't even have that quality, it is just a horribly terrible movie in all possible ways.  

I hope you got the point, that this movie should not be seen by anyone else.  Go to the dentist, help a friend move, get your parts waxed, or give your teen the talk, do anything but go see this movie.  You will have a longer, healthier life for it.  Worst movie of 2010 by far.

1 Star

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