Eclipse Movie Review

Eclipse Poster Movie Review

One Sentence: Less topless dudes, more action.

Rated PG-13

Running Time: 124 Minutes

Release Date: 30-June-2010

Nudity: None

Bella Swan is a heart trampling whore, and I say that in the nicest way possible.  What I am really saying is, after 3 movies I actually care about the characters in Eclipse, at least slightly.  It took 2 horrible movies and Eclipse for me to care even a tiny bit about the romantic roller coaster Bella Swan and her supernatural boy toys were on.  Why the sudden change you ask?  Well it was Eclipse, a Vampire movie with some romance thrown in.  Not like the other two movies, which were tween romance's that happened to have a vampire and a werewolf in it with no shirts on.  The difference is slight, but made for a pretty good movie. 

I probably didn't ever have to sit though the ground work of the first 2 movies to understand what was going on in Eclipse, and if I had known that I would of been grateful, so you are welcome.  Eclipse is not at all like the other two movies, we got past all the lame story building romance, and have a whole movie that is almost completely climax.   It has more action, less romance, and the romance that is in this movie is necessary and drives the story for the most part.  Only a few scenes stopped the movie completely and when you are dealing with this saga that is miles better than Twilight and New Moon.   What I am saying is I might have enjoyed this movie.  What helped was a lot of well shot action.  It seems like everyone got their shit together and made some good fight scenes that were clearly shot and entertaining and since there was more action in this movie than romance, it made at least for this guy, an entertaining movie.  

So, do you go see this movie.  If you need to satisfy your woman, who is asking you to go, and says you never take her out, you can go see Eclipse and be ok with that.  There is enough in it to make it through.  If you are a single guy, no you should not go.  If you are a girl, then you have already decided, why are you reading this review.  So be strong and act like you are doing a huge thing for your woman, when you know secretly you might have a good time…maybe.

3 Stars 

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