The Switch Movie Review

The Switch Poster Movie Review

One Sentence: Doesn't follow the romantic comedy format and that is a good thing.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 19-Aug-2010

Nudity: None

I am just about done with Romantic Comedies, it's not that I don't like them.  Sometimes I think they are fun and I really don't mind them.  What I do mind however is that each one is almost exactly the same.   There is a meeting, he is charming, she is silly in some way, there is a misunderstanding and then a dash to catch her before she leaves for some country.   It is just getting boring.  The Switch brought together the romance and the comedy in a different way, at least enough for me to have a good time watching it. 

The Switch is not the new gold standing for which all romantic comedies should follow, but it does make it so that I felt like I was seeing something new, and I think that is just enough for me to not want to throw this movie into the trash with all the others that have come out lately.  First of all casting Jason Bateman is a nice change.  He's a bit older, more cynical and a nice change from the other leading men that have come lately, too bad they stuck with Jenn Aniston as the leading female who brought as little as usual.  The additional cast of Juliette Lewis and Jeff Goldblum were wonderful supporters and were very funny.   The good casting along with a different type of story and connection made The Switch a little bit better than most romantic comedies and gets a recommendation from me. 

With Piranha 3-D coming out this weekend however you have a hard choice on where to spend your movie dollars. If your significant other is anything like mine then she is begging to go see Piranha 3-D as soon as possible so that means you are stuck taking her and can't go see The Switch this weekend.  That is ok, you can rent this one.  So just add it to your queue right now and take her to the 3-D killer fish movie, she will be glad you did. 

3 Stars 

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